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Globalcom eWorkforce Services utilizes experienced knowledge workers on an as needed basis


During the past few years Globalcom has enjoyed a very productive and successful relationship with multiple IT firms. As a result, we enjoy a great degree of flexibility in providing Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to our clients on an ‘As Needed’ basis.


On demand e-workforce defined
Globalcom’s on demand e-workforce is about helping companies decrease costs, boost efficiencies and fundamentally alter the way people approach getting their jobs done. The on demand e-workforce reflects changes in the way employees interact with other employees, their employers, their customers, and their partners and suppliers.

Our e-workforce allows businesses to think about employee specific roles and what they need for their jobs – access to the right people, the right application, or the right information at the right time. We analyze and then customize a support program resulting in the need for fewer on-site resources but with greater access to and availability of, information for application development and maintenance or for resolution of a specific problem.  With this customized approach to infrastructure support; the service delivery/cost ratio s overwhelming improved.

Globalcom developed the e-workforce initiative to assist clients with short-term money savings and as an enabler in helping clients to leapfrog their competitors as a long-term advantage. This is possible only with a workforce that is more responsive, knowledgeable and innovative.


Benefits of on demand e-workforce
Among the many benefits, an on demand e-workforce implementation can support your organization in the following ways:


aligning and Web-enabling the workforce can cut expenses enterprise wide by reducing the paper trail, decreasing head count and driving process efficiencies.


 Service enhancement
an e-empowered workforce has direct and reliable access to enterprise wide information and expertise.


 Industry expertise
by leveraging portals, e-Learning, e-HR and having built a vast reservoir of IT business partners, Globalcom can ensure that the best minds and best up to date methodologies are utilized to ensure that our clients get the absolute best in industry expertise.


speeding access to expertise and facilitating collaboration inspires innovation.

In a carefully designed and unified e-workforce environment, professionals at the office, at home or in offsite locations around the world can help to ensure smooth operation of the enterprise.


At Globalcom, we are experienced IT professionals with a keen sense of providing state of the art, creative business solutions. Our methodologies are designed with the flexibility to make your organization more cost efficient and cost effective. With e-workforce technologies, Globalcom can enable a large enterprise to act like a small company by properly aligning its large and disparate workforce thus reducing coordination costs while still enjoying economies of scale.


To date, the range of services provided by Globalcom includes:


  • Technology based project management
  • IT Services
    • Systems Management
    • Security Consulting
    • Network Management (LAN/WAN)
    • Cabling Services
    • Deployment Services
    • Project Management
    • Staffing Augmentation